Album Review :: ‘RIVER’ by ‘Makala Cheung’

* Makala Cheung *



2014 is well and truly on the way. As for the new year in Asia, it’s just beginning.

Exploding into the spotlight, Bristol basedMakala Cheungis putting her stamp in the music scene in a big way. 

Being year of the horse things are going to race ahead with lots of exciting new adventures, including the music scene. Fresh new music is what most of us are craving, something with a twist that’s going to get our senses stimulated, this is where I introduceMakala Cheung‘.

Makala CheungThe albumRiveris filled with beautifully blended raw beats, RnB, Blues, Dub and Soul. Cleverly combining an oriental influence, smothered with Makala’s stunning vocal range, topped off with some outstanding piano compositions, this album gets me excited.

Something special is happening here. It’s not just about fresh Bristol beats, something captivates you from the 1st track, leaving you wanting more. Maybe it’s the clever production & unique combination of UK / Asian vibes, or her vocals that grips you? Or both.

Check out the piano filled melodic trackCarry Youthis will have you flowing in a river of dreams, and getting carried away is exactly what will happen.Carry Youis my personal favorite of the album, followed closely byCaught Up‘. These to me are strong contenders as single releases.

What a great way to start off the year. This is my first album of 2014 to join my special collection and is one that will stick by me throughout. Because of its diversity it won’t be growing old any time soon.

We all hate to hear the same beats over and over, or the drowning pop songs filled with manipulated vocals that only stand up during studio time. If it’s raw talent or something different you’re after, let me assure you you’re in the right place!

The way forward is the only way for this young lady. Her latest release ‘River’ should not be dismissed at all.

Putting herself firmly in the driving seat of the media spotlightMakala Cheunghas definitely produced a cracking debut album 8/10.

Kicking it off with the latest video release and opening track for the album is my new addiction ‘Kisses ft. Lewis Campbell’. The track ‘Kisses’ compliments the oriental theme & beautifully crafted ink painted video.

The album ‘RIVER’ is to me ‘Lucky 5’. This lucky number resembles free, adventurous and energetic. Full of a sense of curiosity and contradiction.

Below is the latest video :: 張 – Kisses 吻 ft. Lewis Campbell.

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