Domenico Lancellotti :: Cine Privê

Domenico Lancellotti

Domenico Lancellotti

Domenico Lancellotti, is set to release his debut solo masterpiece  Cine Privê. Literal translation: ‘Private cinema’ Available February 25th 2013.

Domenico Lancellotti Born in Rio de Janeiro 1972, is the son of samba legend Ivor Lancellotti.

The album opens with the title track Cine Privê. Here his vocals reminds me of a song by the Stranglers ‘Always The Sun‘ a 1970’s onward UK punk rock band.

Starting with an upbeat tempo, gentle vocals to the ear, building up-to a spaced out guitar sound and lively drums, that carry you nicely onto the next track.

Domenico lancellottiDebut solo masterpiece 'Cine Privê'

Domenico lancellotti
Debut solo masterpiece ‘Cine Privê’



Cine Privê finds Domenico more introspective and delicate side, than on his previous album with the +2s (the collaborative and experimental rock group with Moreno Veloso & Kassin). 


The trio released albums ‘Music Typewriter’ (2001), ‘Sincerely Hot’ (2003) and ‘Futurismo’ (2007) on David Byrne’s label, Luaka Bop.

After listening to ‘Cine Prive‘ I was pleasantly surprised how well this album is put together. I like it’s simplicity of arrangements and experimental guitar chords and rhythmic drums found in some of the tracks. Brazilian music isn’t generally my genre but I have to admit it started to grow on me especially when I got to the stunning track ‘Uma Porcao de Coisas‘. I know it won’t be the last time I listen to this.

Sentidos‘ Reminded me of spring / summer time with cocktails, BBQ on the beach watching the sun setting over water. Even if I didn’t understand the lyrics in the songs it was a pleasant journey.

The  album has influences ranging from the 70’s right through to the present day.

The simplest way I can describe ‘Cine Privê‘ it has a measure of synthesized quirkiness, filled in with guitar strings, wind instruments, double bass and soft vocals. All blended delicately with Brazilian influences and probably a few cold beers. This album is a seductive piece of Brazilian delight.

Domenico Lancellotti

Domenico Lancellotti
‘Cine Prive’

The album includes bonus tracks that were written for a children’s soundtrack; ‘Peteleco Zum’ has a Latin lullaby quality and space-age groove.

Domenico is no stranger to writing music. In 2002 was the release of the album ‘Sincerely hot’ ‘Domenico+2’ ft Domenico, Moreno Veloso and Alexandre Kassin.

Cine Privê was mixed and mastered by Mario Caldaro Jr. who has also worked with The Beastie Boys and Beck.

Cine Privê was recorded and written live in the studio with the help of new and old friends, including Pedro Sa, Alberto Continentino (who has worked with Milton Nascimento), Moreno Veloso, Kassin, Adriana Calcanhotto, Beastie Boys cohort Money Mark, plus Glenn Kotche and Darin Gray of On Fillmore (also known for their work with Wilco, Jim O’Rourke and Bobby Conn). 

Track Listing: 1. Cine Privê 2. Pinguinhos 3. 5 Sentidos 4. Su Di Te 5. Receita 6. Pedra a Areia 7. Fort Aleza 8. Hugo Carvana 9. Sua Beleza 10. Zona Portuária 11. Peteleco Zum 12. Uma Porçao de Coisas 13. Família Oca

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