SLEEPTHIEF – ‘Dust & Cloud’ feat PHILDEL



The outstanding new video by SleepthiefDust & Cloud‘ FT Phildel is available to watch now, already gaining loads of media interest.

Watch the video below to see why.

This is one of many collaborations for Justin (aka Sleepthief) check out his huge collection of songs / videos via the YouTube link below.

Everything ‘Sleepthief‘ and ‘Phildel‘ does simply turns into gold, as if by magic.

This is a 1st collaboration for the duo and I’m sure it won’t be the last, think of the most touching fairy-tale you remember as a child and put that into visuals, it’ll look a little something like this! 10/10*

‘Dust and Cloud’ will be available as a single release on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby August 4th this year.

923064_10151912986587043_1694705218_nAlso ‘Dust & Cloud’ will be available on the 3rd album ‘MORTAL LONGING’. This is a hugely anticipated album as it’s been over 4 years since  the release of ‘Labyrinthine Heart‘ by SLEEPTHIEF.

There will be non album releases, remixes and bonus material available. Keep a close eye out for all of this exciting content and more, via ‘Sleepthief’ official links provided below.

1394257_10151732984007043_1224179949_n“The new album will feature a group of amazing vocalists—some that I’ve worked with before (Kirsty Hawkshaw, Zoe Johnston, Jody Quine, Joanna Stevens, Coury Palermo, Caroline Lavelle and Kristy Thirsk) as well as some new (Phildel, Carla Werner, Jill St. Thomas and others). The songs range from ethereal and haunting and to upbeat and affirming” (Sleepthief).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Official website ::

Official Facebook :: Here

YouTube :: Here 

Twitter :: Here

PHILDEL Links below ::

‘Phildel’ Official Facebook :: Here

Twitter :: Here

Website :: Here

Also if you would like to see PHILDEL live then grab your tickets now as they’re selling fast, there will an extra special guests at the show (see Phildel’s Facebook for more details).

Tickets available now for her exclusive show at the ‘ROUNDHOUSE‘ in London, October 2nd grab them now. You have been warned, LINK HERE!

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