Sinead O’Connor :: Album Review

Sinead O’Connor is back with a beautiful new album ‘HOW ABOUT I BE ME’ (and you be you)? Produced by John Reynolds Released on ONE LITTLE INDIAN.

This is her first album in 5 years with the introduction of her latest single ‘The wolf is getting married’ released 27th FEBRUARY 2012, Sinead is no stranger to writing music and is celebrating her 25th year within the industry.

The album takes you on a journey through reflection and emotions, the track ‘Old Lady’ speaks of her future love and doing what’s right, a change of ways “that’s so uncool cause it’s messing with all the rules & I know 1 day you’ll say that’s my girl, the happiest words in the world” gives you a sense of emotion of love/loss hope and pain, also ‘Very far from home’ takes you through a rollercoaster of thoughts. Throughout this album fans new and old will find themselves intertwined with her unique Choir like voice/vocals that still packs a punch & never fails.

With a 5-year break in her career you’d be forgiven to think how could she reach a new market or re-kindle the fire with her established fans alike? Upon listening to the album unquestionably her return is stronger than ever and has been rated “extraordinary” and awarded a 5 star review (EVENING STANDARD 2012) at Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions recently. It’s as if this Lady has never left the studio, an outstanding artist that holds her own; as the 1st sunset you remember remains deep within, so will this warm & captivating album.

Sinead has always tried to keep a low profile about her personal life but delivers a story of things untold and annotates personal reflections in her songs, she speaks her mind and is open about her feelings “I intend to get on with being fully me-I’m a 21st centaury full Woman and proud of living it; I’m in a happy and strong place in life so I am doing fine / rock and roll” (Sinead O’Connor)

Her voice is kind of Angelic yet Gothic like, she express’s her dark inner experiences and takes you through a maze of her life with the track ‘I had a baby’ Clean cut and to the point a message that’s from the soul.

No matter what genre your used too or your age, when you listen to this outstanding album you will find a connection and fall in love with Sinead O’Connor be it for the 1st time or your renewing your loyalty you’ll know you made the right choice; and as the saying goes “best thing comes for those who wait” certainly lives up to it’s connotation.

Too many people are concerned about her life rather than listening to the songs about life and experiences and if you agree or disagree matters not; as any artist begins a musical career the music is what we appreciate and care not of irrelevant meanings or ethical debates; the title reads ‘HOW ABOUT I BE ME’ (and you be you)? then so be it. Take a moment to express empathy and enjoy her latest input that is spellbinding and beautifully put together and one of HER BEST albums to date.

I’ll leave you to make up your own mind, this album will simply remind you that we are all human; you’ll feel like a prisoner and then set free by the lyrics within.

The quality and production of this album is like a Van Gogh painting delivering yet again an artistic collection of smartly written tracks, it was well worth the wait.

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