Mr Bradbury was welcomed at crash and he really enjoyed it, performing for the 1st time here. The appeal for him to play at Crash is to support local festivals. “There’s not enough going on in mid Wales and always a shortage of good festivals that supports local bands”.

 The loop machines come 2nd to playing acoustic guitar and singing, he started using loop effects after being inspired by the likes of Beardy Man and Dub Fx.

Craig does not consider himself a beat boxer he’s a singer and guitarist first and foremost.

This technology has only been around for the last few years, he enjoys using equipment for other purposes that it’s originally designed for.

He started using delay pedals and putting them on infinite loop, and just let it record then take a tempo, from that build a track using the echo effect which is completely uncontrollable and keeps it purely live.

He only started to learn to Beat box about 18 months ago and playing guitar since about 7 years old. He loves to put his hand to anything new or old that makes a individual sound.


Craig hasn’t had a musically oriented upbringing but has his dad to thank as he pushed him in the right direction Craig’s favourite track to perform to the masses is “Everything but the girl, Missing” his personal favourite.

He writes original material but enjoys doing covers, collaborating and mixing up other peoples music, mainly because its easier to translate with the pad and other equipment he uses.




In about 2 years he would love to get himself a truck, travel around Europe and Australia so he can take his looping/Pa equipment have a rolling bag & battery system so he could set up on the street and simply busk, his girlfriend is also a vocalist and they would collaborate together during his world tour

At the moment he’s working on videos for his YouTube channel called PROJECT 52basically living up to a bet that, if he didn’t have an album out by 2011 he’d make one video a week for a year and this has kept him creating. He’s worked with the likes of  “The Daughters” “Dai Robs” and many more.

I asked about his thoughts on talent shows? “The main thing that you look for is longevity and these days, we don’t seem to have it, as opposed to bands that went through it in the 60/70’s”.

He himself was on BBC2 W in 2005 it’s like a welsh pop idol show called Just up your street and they really liked him but was put on reserve unfortunately they said he didn’t fit their criteria!

He just finds that these kind programmes nowadays are emotional torture for the kids involved.

He enjoys workhouse festival (run by volunteers) and prefers to be sat in a acoustic tent playing to small crowds and interacting.

Also he’s a spray artist, enjoys carpentry and loves to build bikes (choppers) and air brushing them too. He enjoys loads of creative things and is extremly talented.

One day he’d love to collaborate with Kate Rusby an English folk singer / songwriter, Imogen Heap instrumentalist, Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra

He also loves to cook and his favourite dish is his own, spaghetiwich basically made up of old spaghetti in a sauce chucked in a frying pan add 2 eggs and mix it up like an omelette and put it in a sandwich and serve with chips and that’s how you do a Faghetti’wich I really had an awesome time speaking with Craig and I’d like to wish him all the best in the Future……


One thought on “THE CRAIG BRADBURY :: Interview

  1. Definitely do the Australia thing, Craig….and don’t wait two years – that’s a money/resources thing….Take a leap and borrow my PA…rent a cheap van and buy an inverter…time waits for no man———-You the Man!

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