Daisy Guttridge :: Interview

Daisy Guttridge is a 17 year old talented Musician from Birmingham. She plays Guitar, Drums and Piano, accompanied by a voice that stands out from the rest. Not only that, she writes her own materialAlready she has performed to thousands in countless shows over the last couple of years, including the ‘Glee Club’ Birmingham and a support act for ‘Jay Brannan’ in the HMV institute also in Birmingham.  

To date she’s had over 24,000 hits on her YouTube, all powered by her followers. Her dedication to what she loves most, is apparent in her music. This is quite an achievement a 17 year old, and for someone who’s unsigned and promoted everything herself. She’s one artist that’s already in demand. You heard it here first.

She hits notes and tones that some artist’s only dream of, coupled with a stunning a vocal range.

Take a moment to listen to her own song ‘Love Struck‘ via ‘Souncloud’ or listen to the cover of ‘Sweet Disposition‘ to understand why she she’s already going places.

Now I could go on about how amazing she is, how talented or how you should check her out, but I’m not going to do that… Why? Because I will leave the pleasure all for you. You will find in a very short time, you will fall in love with her songs wanting more.

Recently I was lucky enough to catch up with Daisy via ‘Skype’ and here’s what we talked about.

What inspires you to keep making musicIt’s just something I’m slowly getting better at, and something that makes me happy, without this I’d be bored. Music is what I’ve always wanted to do since I was about 12.

Can you remember your 1st gigMy 1st time singing in front of an audience was when I was 11 years old in a school play, and I was the lead singer doing the solo bit. I remember after I’d finished everyone was clapping, that was a really good feeling.

Have you considered entering a talent show? I did consider it a couple of years ago, but I think a quick rise to fame is usually is a quick fall.

What performance are you most proud ofPerforming at The Glee Club 29th September and the HMV institute in Birmingham. They’re definitely the best one’s I’ve done so far.

Have you got an album lined up, or an EP? I’m doing an EP 1st with about 3 or 4 songs. One song that isn’t out yet, will feature on the EP called ‘Good Bye’. I have about 15 others to choose from but I’m not sure which one’s I’m going to use.

What instrument did you learn to play 1st? The Guitar, I have been playing Guitar for 4 years now but piano and drums I wont put anything up until I’ve upstaged with that, I’m still learning.

If you could play a song with Ellie Goulding what would you choose? I would love to sing ‘Guns and Horses‘ and my own song would be ‘Good Bye’.

What’s been your favourite concert? It has to be Love Box, with ‘Lana Del Rey’ that was really good.

Has it been a fun journey so far? It’s been great, the best thing is after the shows, when people come up to me and talk to me and say they really enjoyed it. That’s the best feeling ever. I also like being on stage, I feel really happy.

Have you always wanted to be involved in music? Ever since I was 10, I’ve always loved singing.

What is your dream ambition in life? Just to keep making music and I want to be able to do it for a living rather than a hobby. It’s something I really care about.

What do you do in your spare time Write songs, play lots of sport, Rounders, Squash, going to the Gym. I also like reading and just hanging out with friends. I also travel a lot, and see different cultures, it’s very inspiring.

Do you dream of performing at ‘Roundhouse’ Camden or any large stage? Definitely when I go to a show I enjoy it, but in the back of my head I think one day that could be me. Also I love the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London.

Where is the craziest place you took your guitar? Los Angeles and San Francisco. Actually the craziest place I’ve took it was Miami. We hired a boat for my birthday, and I took it with me on board and I played and recorded a song there.

Words of encouragement to other artist’s? Keep playing because you get better every time. Go to local venues and bars, they always have acoustic nights and anyone can go to them, that is a good place to start. Don’t ever stop practising. I look back at some of the stuff I recorded only a year ago, and I’m much better now. You always progress, you’re always learning.

Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daisy-Guttridge-Music/178364962243052?fref=ts

Twitter :http://twitter.com/daisyguttridge


YouTube :http://www.youtube.com/user/DaisyandGeorgiamusic/videos?view=0

Contact :daisyguttridgemusic@hotmail.co.uk

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