TERRA NAOMI :: Interview

Terra Naomi: Singer Songwriter.. Allow me to introduce you to a worldwide music sensation that will captivate you with her tender sound & Beauty that will discreetly infect you to your heartThe first UK date sold out within 1 hour of being announced, as fans across the world eagerly await her return.

Terra’s highly anticipated Winter European Tour 2012 will hit Italy, Germany, France, UK and Switzerland, promoting her independent release To Know I’m Ok, produced by Grammy nominated John Alagia (Dave Matthews Band). 

During the tour, Terra will be recording a new live album. “My dream in life is to play in beautiful theatres with fantastic sounds and tour as often as I want all over the worldTerra is a music phenomenon in her own right, Originating from New York; currently on her sell out tour in Europe and the UK promoting her latest album titled To know I’m ok 

making the album was fun, exciting and it is what it is, now I just want to get out and play, to me that’s the most important thing, the album gives me an excuse to tour.

Live performance is my favourite thing not just recording music, it’s Live shows I love it”.

In the beginning she had offers from record companies etc, at times made the wrong choices, Terra did the best she could and what she thought was right, now she follows her own heart, it was then she Found her Diamond, to shine and do it the way she originally intended, her lesson was to never give up and trust her instincts Terra knew from 3 years old that she wanted to sing. MySpace was her 1st venture into the Internet world of advertising her music; she uploaded “Say its possible” and soon found that everybody was responding to her in a big way, it was purely a fan base situation, no management, no interest from the industry. Many of her friends and older brother said to check out YouTube and the rest is History.

A few years later she had an offer to work with Island records in London, she moved to the UK and produced and released her 1st studio album “Under the Influence” in 2007, she loved her songs but wasn’t content with the production.

it just wasn’t my sound it didn’t feel like it was me I’m more of an Acoustic sound and less produced and what I do Live is the best representation of me and my music, where I really shine is Live and it’s my voice and hearing it, and when there’s layers and layers of  production over the top it was too crowded

she left Island Records, “it was really a tough choice but looking back the best choice I made

In the last 12 months I’ve played at some beautiful theatres, I love the acoustics so much it’s not as crazy or as exciting as playing in Kashmir, Moscow or Wembley stadium but I just love to be sitting on a stage with a beautiful grand piano and hear that great sound, my favourite track to play at the moment is Nothing to Hide ”.

I asked her what she misses the most at home,and if she was taken to a Desert Island what would she take I miss my dog Elliott, AND I’d take my Dog, my guitar, Mp3 and a piano”.

She describes herself as creative, friendly and Quirky and tenacious and won’t let any momentary defeat knock her off her path and is driven in all aspects; she likes to read mostly fiction, The Hunger Games is her favourite at the moment.

Terra’s Final Quote “Everybody’s path is different and in this industry its necessary to have a drive, because you’re going to get knocked, don’t look at other paths too much and focus on the one that’s been presented to you and make the best of it”

With her ever successful sell out tours, album/singles sales world-wide  over 21 Million YouTube views & counting, reviews and thousands of old and new fans alike, I’dSay its possibleshe’s doing something right!  CLICK HERE to go to her MUSIC Store  

WebPage: http://www.terranaomi.com/


FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/terranaomi



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