Sam Gomm :: Interview

Sam had just travelled from Holland to perform here at Crash Festival. Sadly he waited a whole year to play at Crash as he couldn’t make it last year. He’s lived in Holland for couple of years now and moved there to settle down for his 1 true love. During this time he has had many European shows and gigs as well as appearing on the national TV station and other forms of media.

Sam’s been looking forward to coming back to his home town to perform what I’d say, some beautiful yet captivating tracks written and produced by himself. 

After the event I asked Sam how he felt about the event “it’s the best buzz in the whole world nothing to do with alcohol or anything, simply that I love to play”.

The first track he can remember playing was ‘Imagine’ (John Lennon) when he was 9 years old and has always wanted to be a singer/songwriter from a very young age. He used to play in his school choir and at the Welsh Eisteddfod; also he used to be a life guard.

He’s been performing since the age of 16 and used to have his own band called Sammy.G where they played all over Wales. For over 19 yrs he’s been living his dream. “The best place has to be Holland mainly because of my true love” Sammy has had several TV appearances on talent shows and featured on every radio station in Holland.

They just can’t get enough of Mr Gomm, even to the point of stopping him in the streets for an autograph.

He has a huge fan-base over in Holland, now he wants to bring his music to the heart of Wales where he’s from.

Sam has always had musical influences in his life, his mother plays the saxophone, his sister plays the flute, his brother’s a drummer and guitarist and his father (Ian Gomm) bassist and guitarist for a rock band in the 60/70’s Called ‘Brinsley Schwarz’ Nick Lowe, Bob Andrews and Brinsley Schwarz was in the band.

Ian Gomm has toured with the likes of Dire straits, Paul McCartney, Sting, Madness and Elvis Costello.   

Sam’s dream would be to perform at ‘Glastonbury festival’ where his friend Nick Lowe performed.

Sam went to join Nick on the acoustic stage a couple of years ago and the atmosphere was “Out of this world” also he dedicated a song for Sam during his performance “it was epic”.

Sam’s influences range from Jeff Buckley, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Coldplay and of course his father. Sam’s inspirations for his music are life events and other people.

Wales is the only place that inspires him to write more and more.

In the beginning Sammy wanted to be a footballer but he sustained an injury that in turn stopped his career, it was at this point where he took the music more seriously “maybe fate”.

In the future Sam would love to travel to Australia and America to perform and eventually take over the world with his music. When he performs he dedicates the track ‘Angels’ (by Robbie Williams) to his partner who also shares the same birthday as Robbie.

Sammy is a man of many talents, he’s also a good cook, his favorite meal are Christmas dinner the full works.

Also Sam claims he can speak 6 languages English, welsh, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Latin. I put him to the test and asked him to say hello in all these languages and he did it, during this I taught him Chinese, wow he’s going and has gone far simply following his heart.


A very talented guy. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU Sammy G…

Sam Gomm

Sam’s words of encouragement for anyone in music or life is

keep going and don’t give up”.

Click this link to watch Sammy.G live performances



Link to Reverb:

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