Laura Mvula :: Review

I was simply browsing for other artist’s that played at the iTunes festival 2012 when I stumbled upon Laura Mvula ‘Diamonds’ at the Roundhouse 16th September.

So as I do, I ‘checked it out’. The video was not of high standard, however the quality of Laura’s voice is something else, and had me captivated throughout the whole song. Also available to watch is ‘Let Me Fall’ and ‘She’.

Laura Mvula has a kind of Jazz feel mixed with soul and funk, think of the late Amy Winehouse or Katie Melua without her Guitar and you kind of get the picture.

The only way to describe Laura is, think back to the days before we had remixes and collaborations. She’s stripped bare with an innocence and purity.

Do you remember those Sunday evenings. When you’d put your feet up lounge about and put on your favourite tune with a hot drink, no social interaction with the outside world? This is how it makes you feel ‘Segregated’ is the best way to put it, it’s beautiful.

You know something special is going on, when you hear something new that just hits your heart and stops everything in it’s tracks. If there’s a heaven or not, Laura will make you believe there is.

The song ‘Diamonds’ has a very simple arrangement and you get a twinkling airy sound that makes you actually visualize Diamonds and takes you off to a ‘Fairy Land’.

This Intrigued me wanting to find out more, who is she and where is she from.

At the moment there is very little about, she lives in Birmingham and has studied classical composition in 2008 and is now singed to RCA Records UK.

Don’t worry it won’t be the last you hear the name Laura Mvula. Available as of 22nd October is a Limited Edition 7” vinyl of ‘She’ [Townsend Records Exclusive].

Quietly she has been working on her debut album for the last few months. Lets hope it won’t be long until we get the pleasure of Laura Mvula for a whole albums worth.

Her EP will be available to download 19th November.

On the 23rd of October she published a new video with what Laura says “thanks to Rankin here is a stripped performance of SHE for you” and stripped or not with a voice like hers who needs instruments and expensive electronic gizmo’s.

The original version of ‘SHE’ is also worth a listen, starting off with her pure voice that beautifully blends in to harmony’s and calming drum beats, finishing off with you saying “oh wow”.

Laura Mvula has had very little media exposure so you can say, you heard it here first.

This is one artist that will be one to watch.  

Facebook :::

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7” Available from :::

Photo taken from Laura Mvula Facebook ‘Timeline’

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