Shades of Jade :: Interview

CollectivelyShades of Jade are a full range dynamic Band that’s quite simply exceptional and stands out from the rest. You only have to listen to them and you’ll see for yourself.

DESCRIBE THE BAND “We’re Soul, Rock, taking strong soulful vocals and use dirty rock guitar sounds.

The result is a powerful high energy soul sound mixed with a rock band.

As a band we all really enjoy playing ‘Perfect feeling’ actually it’s not on the EP but every time we perform it we’re buzzing. The audience responds well to it”(S.O.J).

WHY HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF Shades of Jade? The band have only just started out. They’ve been preparing & producing music, writing material and finalising their Ep ‘Her Soul‘.

It was Re-launched in Feb 2012 Track list ‘Her Soul’ ‘What if’ ‘No Choice’ ‘Female Intuition’ ‘Keep On Moving’.

Already they’ve played at the Jamm, Comedy bar in Leister Square, Shoreditch, Market bar Camden,Boogalooin Archway and recently Nambucca “Our 1st gig (at the Jamm London) was amazing, there was so much energy on stage it was a really really good night” (S.O.J).

THE NAME ‘SHADES OF JADE’? They were looking for a Band name but none stood out, it was only when one of their friends said “I had a dream last night, that your band was called Shades of Jade” and thus ‘Shades of Jade’ was born.

WHAT SPARKED YOUR LOVE FOR MUSIC“The 1st time I sang in front of people I was about 5yrs old I’ve always enjoyed it, I never got educated in music until I went to Uni, I always want to be involved with music” (Jade).

“My mother wanted me to play Spanish guitar and bought me one at the age of 9 she liked the sound of it. I had guitar lessons and I really enjoyed it, and then I got into Metallica my mothers plans was ruined; I used to play in the back room I came home from school practice for 8hrs a day and do my homework on the bus in the morning” (Mat).

(Not present to comment) The keys player Andrey started music in Russia and did a degree in I.T, “He is a wicked keys player and knows his stuff” (S.O.J)

Harpal, Drummer. He won a competition ‘young drummer comp’ that was set up by a drums making company. For a while he studied English literature now he’s turned to his music degree.

Chris,The Bassist studied at Middlesex Uni.

INFLUENCES “Steven Tyler he’s just a legend he’s my idol” (Mat).

I’m inspired by loads of people all the time, when I was growing up I loved Aretha Franklin, Alicia keys, Big soul singers, I listen to a lot of underground garage stuff it’s really hard to name just one”(Jade)

WHAT’SLINED UP FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR?We’re contacting festivals like the Green Man and Crash to name but a few.

It’s show time for this universal Band ‘Shades of Jade’

It’s taking off with positive results from the media, numerous reviews and with the festival season coming up I’m sure you will be seeing them making a huge name for themselves. Armed with an incredible EP that can be bought now.

Already storming the music and media scene with encouraging feedback. Such a GREAT achievement for a band that’s barely touched the surface in the industry

Final Words of Encouragement“Just Keep Trying. When you feel disheartened just focus and keep going and keep writing. Be on the ball don’t be lazy; work hard just get an EP out. Try to be business minded and do as much as you can and make contacts. Approach people, they can only say no. It’s trial and error you got nothing to lose” (S.O.J).

      Jade Barnett – Vocals
Mat Jones – Guitar
Andrey Novikov – Keyboard
Chris Ormiston – Bass
Harpal Mudhar – Drums

The Ep is available on iTunes. 

Facebook Shades of Jade.


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