I’ve found myself in more demand to cover stories outside my location. This has prompted me to take it a step further and meet other artist’s already in the spotlight in the UK and now across the globe. ELLIE GOULDINGMaverick SabreEXAMPLEDelilah, PHILDEL, Levi Roots, CHARLOTTE O’CONNORSteve Conte (New York Dolls), TERRA NAOMIElliot sumner,  GABRIELLE APLINDaisy GuttridgeSHADES OF JADE,  Brian Hibbard,  KITTY DAISY AND LEWISDirty Disco, MOLOTOV JUKEBOX JODIE MARIEDr MeakerDRETONIORoxanne De BastionCHAMBLES (Carys Elen Jones), Goldie looking Chain (G.L.C), Mal-pope, SAM GOMM, SONNY WHARTONMadoc VanguardLouis WalshCRAIG BRADBURY and many more.

Even though I’m working more with mainstream media my focus is still for unsigned, to give you a voice and platform to have your OWN SAY about Music, your passion, your Life and the journey so far  “keeping it real”…….

I’m your front door to the world of music. I’m here to listen to YOU.

Discovering new music, working with unsigned or signed is what I breathe, sleep and eat.

I’m here to introduce and share great music to the world’s audience. Just like you’re reading this on Dwfmedia so have thousands of others, I say no more 🙂

My 1st experience of the media world lead me to Carmarthenshire life magazine and thus publishing my 1st article in the June/July 2010 bi-monthly edition and the rest is history 🙂 For about 2 years now I’ve had an interest in unsigned / signed bands in an around Wales and further afield

I decided to give birth to DWFMEDIA and share my experiences with youNow YOU jump on board and be a part of the experience.

You could have an interview or Review featuring right here on this growing and ever popular site. Dwfmedia is a name many now trust and know!

I’m the source for all your important links, video’s, photo’s & reviews.

Not to mention constant exposure all rolled into one. Here is your one-stop shop for everything you have to share ( Lets say I’m a social media site that covers it all ) …

If you’re interested check out the rest of the site, see what I can do for you.

Follow me on Twitter :: @dwfmedia and subscribe to Dwfmedia.wordpress.com.

Lets get the world full of you and your music and keep the momentum going.

I’m a freelance Interviewer / Photographer. I attend events, gigs, homes, pubs. Pretty much anywhere there’s music.

Also I’m involved with the photography and reviews for this site and others.

It’s been an exciting ride and it’s only the beginning, jump on board and be a part of Dwfmedia. 

SIGN UP FOR THE LATEST POST’S AND UPDATES DIRECT TO YOUR E.MAILIT’S FREE SO WHY NOT”  Useful links and information and at times exclusive content. 



Even though I’m working with mainstream media my focus is still for unsigned, to give you a voice and platform to have your OWN SAY about Music, your passion, your Life and the journey so far  “keeping it real”…….



E.Mail ::: leonmurray10@hotmail.com

Twitter ::: https://twitter.com/Dwfmedia

5 thoughts on “WELCOME TO ‘DWFMEDIA’

  1. Hey Leon! Would it be possible to send the full sized photos of Dretonio from the Globe for Facebook use? Of course we would reference the photographer and this website!

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