Eliot Sumner :: ‘COME FRIDAY’

Here it is peeps what you’ve been waiting for, the second track from the EP.

What a treat this is, typically the Eliot Sound we all know and love, compiled with lovely rhythmic backing vocals and a pleasant upbeat rhythm that certainly gets you moving.

This is an outstanding track from the forthcoming EP and I’ve got to say it’s got me excited. I like this more than the 1st track ‘Information’ saying that, I really like them both if I’m honest 🙂 .

 ‘Come Friday’ is her 2nd release taken from the 3 track EP  known as :: ‘Information’ 

“Come Friday’ has a similar tone to ‘Information’ as they both come from dark complicated places, with a pulse”
(Eliot Sumner)

Available to listen via the link below.


Re-Branding herself to her birth name ‘Eliot Sumner’ previously known as ‘I Blame CoCo’ she is most definitely ready, already finding herself in popular demand from dedicated fans to the brand new.

Recently holding a show in the ‘White Heat’ in London, you can see by the feedback she is more than ready to go and doing what she does best has certainly re-stirred the cooking pot. Her fans already anticipate her next live dates and EP release.

‘INFORMATION’ Available to download August the 1st almost worldwide and then August the 5th in USA


We have noticed here that even though the new EP is available soon for download there are no links to buy or pre-order as yet.

Website :: eliotsumner.com

Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/eliotsumnermusic

Twitter :: https://twitter.com/eliotsumner

Instagram :: http://instagram.com/eliotsumner2

Soundcloud :: https://soundcloud.com/eliotsumner

Youtube :: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqbe2XE_EnRGI2KfjqWn9A

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