The Amazing Angie Brown

The Amazing Angie Brown

The minute I hear ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ I’m taken right back to my Shell-Suit (Stylish gear) days. I proudly wore and shown off my Reebok pumps (that took me months to save for) and dancing on the stage next to the DJ making the records/vinyl jump. I had sweat dripping off my forehead and I was cool, because I was working it. Yes I was once a cool dude.

Do I even need to introduce this amazing lady? OK I’m showing my age a little and I guess I should think about the younger one’s.. so this is for you. Angie Brown is an award winner (Do I need to go on? oh OK then).

The hit song that made her name in the music industry came in the 1990’s and still is a dance floor classic to this day (how many can say that). The song that everyone knows or should know is ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ by ‘BIZARRE INC’ ft vocalist Angie Brown. They lead the way for the House/Dance and the Rave scene in the late 80’s through to the 90’s. The song ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ Peaked at #3 in the UK charts and #1 twice over in the US dance charts and was #47 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The follow up single ‘Took My Love‘ also reached number 1 in the US and 19 in the UK and so the legacy continued. Remember back in the 90’s there was no iTunes or YouTube to sell/promote as so many artist’s rely on today. Now you really can see how much of an achievement it really was to have number 1’s back in the day.

However Angie’s success was not all based on those songs alone. In 1994 she had another hit single ‘Rockin for Myself‘ with ‘Motiv8.

It wasn’t all just about the 90’s Angie has collaborated with the likes of ‘The Rolling Stones‘ ‘Chaka Khan‘ ‘Stereophonics‘ and ‘Fat Boy Slim‘ to name just a few.

Recently I had the honour of meeting this iconic lady/artist.

Tell me a little about ‘Rockin 4 Myself’? It was done with Motiv8 and the year was 1993. I think it got to number 15 in the charts, it didn’t get to the top 10 but it’s a club classic. I didn’t write it or compose it, I just stepped in as a session singer. When I do it live I make it into a mash up because it’s quite a long track live.

Most of your songs are from the 90’s, have your songs evolved with you? House is still here as you know. The original version of ‘I’m gonna Get You’ I’ve lengthened it. The version I use for my live shows it’s longer and it’s got a breakdown as well. It sounds old skool because it’s what everyone recognizes, it’s also got modern sounds in there. It’s good to keep updating your set.

You must have talked about ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ a million times, do you still get the same feelings from performing it live? The funny thing is that you should say that is it’s 20 years old this year. It’s been a great track its never really gone away, its put bread on the table for me. Also it launched my name as a named artist. It allowed me to move from the pubs to the clubs and the odd TV shows. So yes I love singing ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ again I mash it up a little bit just to keep it interesting. It’s a great track and always gets a brilliant reaction from people. It was recently used at Easter time on TV for a Tesco’s commercial, it’s called ‘Find The Bunny’ with a little girl looking for her Easter eggs and ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ is being played in the background.

What keeps you going in life? I love being a singer, I’m happy in my job and I hope that I reflect that. It’s such a great life and life is absolutely what you make it.

I’ve made my life into a really cool life because I’m doing what I wanted to do. I’m one of the lucky one’s. I had a really nice childhood and good parents. I feel very valued by them, that makes you smile doesn’t it, and I like life. I adore it.

Most favorite gig you’ve ever performed at? There has been so many. Not too long ago I played at a wedding. Its really funny a lot of DJ’s that used to DJ back in the day they’ve either got kids getting married or that have grown up with that music, or they’re still Djing but they don’t want the typical hi-ho silver lining, they want ‘House music’ and they want it to be an incredible party. I was at this wedding I started singing and the bride got up from her main table walked across the hall to where I was singing and started bowing to me, it was a special night. It’s really hard to pin point one gig as there’s been so many highs.

Live 'THE JAMM' Brixton 2013

Live ‘THE JAMM’ Brixton 2013

What gives you the best feelings when you’re on stage, is it the interaction with the crowds or? It is, it’s not like oh watch me I’m on stage. It’s more like the best sex you can get, if you’re giving to me I’m giving to you and the more you give to me the more I’ll give to you.

I like to think that people can see my heart. I really hope that I’m naked and see-through and that they can see my sincerity. I love my job and when they appreciate it, I appreciate the appreciation. It’s a great feeling.

Tell me a little background of your involvement in the past with ‘Neneh Cherry’ and ‘Kate Bush’? I can’t remember the name of Neneh’s album but I was doing backing vocals for her in the studio. If I remember rightly I don’t think her 2nd album ever came out, or it wasn’t as big as her debut album. I worked with her but not sure if the tracks got released. With Kate bush it was for her video ‘Eat The Music’ she had lots of extras and I was one of the ladies in the video jumping about with the fruit, it was really sweet.

Performing at Brixton is like back to your roots kind of gig? Yea being a Brixtonian it’s nice to be back here. This is where I grew up round here, Brixton is just one of those places. I’d like to say it’s changed but it hasn’t. It’s always had a strong sense of community and arts and culture and food the best shops and the little markets. So it really does give me a great pleasure to be here. I’m from around this area. It’s like coming home.

How do you feel about modern music these days? I like ‘Adele’ ‘Rihanna’ there’s a lot of talent out there. ‘Jessie J’ she’s very talented oh my god. I like ‘Taylor Swift’ she’s good. I’m not closed off to modern music, if I want to hear 90’s I can or the 60’s I can. I love Motown.

What’s your favorite song? Again it’s really hard to pin-point but the song that comes to mind is Dusty Springfield ‘Preacher Man’ I love that song.

What’s lined up for the rest of the year? Well if you look at my website there is a calender on there, that I’m quite bad at filling it in. I’ve got some private parties, some weddings, some daytime gigs in the parks and some prides, some gay prides to do.

DSCF0007Words of encouragements for anyone new in the music industry. You know what, be good. Be the best you can be at your art, at your craft. Don’t be arsey, don’t be difficult, don’t be a diva. Be professional and embrace the people around you. A lot of people make it and forget the people around them, the team, the lighting person, the sound person. Just big everyone up and let them feel like the family, there is no separation between me and them.

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